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Failed Rescue ~ Part 2

It has been 121 days

since I have given up.


I’m going crazy.

All the death

it’s still happening

and it’s still my fault

which means it becomes my responsibility



I never truly realized how many lives I saved

only how many I didn’t save.


I wonder

would their lives continued on

if I had continued on

121 days ago?


But then my mind begins to play

the devil’s advocate,

and whispers echo in my ears,

what if I had never started?

Would there have been as many terrors to

my city?


What if I don’t use my powers

for good or bad,

I just don’t use them.


Then they are not a gift or a curse,

only locked away in a box

and I threw away the key.


The key was confidence,

and confidence got them killed.


Now I fear I can do nothing.

I can’t move forward

with this new and only one life

that the man behind the mask

chose for me.


I can’t go back to my old life

before the responsibility,

before the deaths.


But no matter what I do

they keep on building

the deaths keep on building.

Whether I’m the man or the mask

death keeps knocking.


I have the potential for good

or death.

I had once thought that I had the potential

for greatness.


Now have the potential

to do nothing.


Death keeps on knocking

at the box.

I need the key,

but I don’t want it.


How can I pick up

the weapon that killed you

and know that it might happen all over again.


I am a murder,

yet am I still a hero?

If I don’t pick up the murder weapon

I’ll only be a killer.


If I pick up the murder weapon

I could save more lives

and possibly kill more.


But I am killing countless people in my inaction.

I could even the scales

or tip them even more.


I am going crazy with all the death

I’m causing by doing nothing.


I will take action,

I will be a hero,

I will save lives

and in the process

I may kill some more.


But it will be worth it


Failed Rescue ~ Part 1

I could have saved you

A phrase of


if onlys

helplessness in power

I have all this power . . .

but death has more


What am I fighting for?

If I can’t save you

do I even deserve this mask?

A mask of




shame & failed rescue

If only I had more









But none of that matters

in the face of failure.

Only the person to blame does


not the villain

but the Super

who didn’t swoop in to make the catch.



You’re dead


I failed


This mask

this crusade

this symbol

this power

this choice

this life

means nothing.

Because I still couldn’t save you


If I give it up

being a hero

at least I won’t have any other

deaths on my hands,

only the past ones and yours.


I have a responsibility

which is why I have given up,

because I caused your death.


The nameless faces beneath the other falling building

that I could have saved but I was holding up this one.


The screams for help echoing in my ears

as I know they’ll lead to death

while I carry the children out


In my quest for vengeance

for the innocent lives lost,

you fell because of the collateral damage

that I caused, fell on you


I killed you


My recklessness killed you

I could have saved you


I did saved you, but instead my rescue killed you


All my responsibility

All my power

All this death I’ve caused

Shall be no more

I have given up

I have failed for the last time