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Why can we

as a human race

not know what others,

people closest to us

are feeling

or thinking?

Is it because

we don’t observe

close enough?

Or maybe

we have become

such good liars


that no one can?

No one can tell the difference between lies and truths

We’ve got so good at fibbing

not for our own good.

We only show surface level feelings

and not how we are truly doing

On the inside

The insecurities

The fears

The hidden secrets

The things we carry around with us everyday

but mask it


with a smile

or a simple lie in a text


‘Pretty good’ Smiley face!

It’s so easy

to act okay but not truly be

but it is so not worth it.

A Drop of Soap

Defining an emotion

is like picking up a drop of soap

It’s there and brightly colored

it’s changing with the tide

ever so slightly

but still changing.

You reach for it

and try to hold,

to pick it up and try to put it somewhere,

but it slips through the cracks.

You pinch it and it spreads out

you grab it and it falls out.



you finally have it,

it isn’t soap anymore.

An emotion

A drop of soap

cannot be contained

and still be what it is.

 / Foter / CC BY

/ Foter / CC BY