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Snow Day

Waiting and watching the snow fall

piling up on bushes and bare tree tops

cars and time begin to crawl

Waiting and watching until the news drops

Anticipation is met with joy

When the news arrives

we know the next few free hours we will enjoy

celebration involves shrieks and high-fives

All of these reactions are similar

whether you are five or seventeen

but how surprise freedom is spent is where they differ

young ones go and play in the billowing snow and gorge themselves on hot coco cuisine

older ones sleep and watch Netflix and procrastinate Sunday night homework

but to those who drive, remember to be safe on the road

is this trip really worth the work?

Drive with caution and keep the pace slowed

While all the school children have a rosy grin

because of the treat of a snow day

Mother Nature granted them a win

and for school to stay away



Beat, Beat, Beat

Beat, beat, beat

goes the music

Beat, beat, beat

goes my heart

Beat, beat, beat

goes the tires

Driving down the road

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

goes the wind

Pitter-Patter, Pitter-Patter

goes the rain

these are the sounds

that I have discovered

with a new perspective

with the freedom of the wheels and the road

a certain belief that I didn’t understand before

the ability to go anywhere

with a beat

in my head

in my heart

in my soul

on the road

on the pavement

on the dirt

with these wheels.

I didn’t feel trapped before

but I like this new roaming feeling

Beat, beat, beat