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The Cost

We can dream dreams of grandeur

of expensive things

of exotic places

of opulent people

of glorious actions

that some of the best events

that some of the best moments

of our lives

must cost us the most.

We can dream dreams of grandeur

but finding the simplicity in reality

I discovered,

are the best events

best moments

of our lives.

And the only cost

is to take the time to enjoy it.


Delusions Vs. Allusions

I am no dreamer

Creating Holland meadows of tulips

out of the daring dandelion growing in the crack in the broken sidewalk

I am no dreamer

Conjuring Olympic gold medals for swimming

when I just learned the back stroke

I am no dreamer

but I do dabble a little in daydreams

My dreams are not as high as the Kilimanjaro

Nor as vast a child’s cry in Africa

My dreams are the small hills of corn fields in Nebraska

My dreams are the length of one corner to the other in a smile

My dreams are not loud and pumpkin carriages

but kept to my private thoughts and fresh made pies in a dwarf cottage

I am no dreamer

I make do not make delusions of grandeur

I make allusions of hope


The world isn’t giving me hope

So I create a little of my own.