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Out of My Mind

I hope one day to be

out of my mind.

Strange sentence, I know

I guess I must already be

out of my mind.

I hope to be

out of my mind

and into someone else’s

to understand them

in the exact ways

that I don’t understand myself

I hope to be

out of my mind

and into the world

not just stuck in my perspective

but to experience the world

through seven billion and counting minds

I hope to be

out of mind

and into other’s

because I want to focus on God’s people

and not just on God’s person


I hope to be

out of my mind

so that I can investigate

what is in my mind.

I may be crazy

if I am out of my mind,

but maybe the world needs a little crazy,

or at least I can hope.

To Be Crazy

To be crazy

Pok- a – dots with stripes

A day with high humidity leaving her with kinky frizzy hair

White sterile room with a man in a straight jacket

A girl so into fun she forgets to conform to society

A Christian who wants to save and others opposed call him radical

To be crazy

Our society wants to conform

I call a reform

From the norm

I would like to inform

You of my brainstorm

On my platform

I take a stand to be freeform

Do not be lukewarm

In your craziness, be transformed

I do not mean to misinform

To be crazy

Why is it okay to be crazy in love

But not with the one above?

He came as a dove

Why does society tell us not to be crazy of?

To be crazy

To be sane

Is just a pain

With little gain

But with the Almighty you are free from your chains

This is the kind of love I want to attain

A passion I cannot contain

On the cross He left a bloodstain

To clear my soul from its sin stain

To be crazy

To me it has always been a mystery

How can my Lord love me?

He must be crazy

Maybe that’s what makes Him even more lovely

I’m crazy because my Lord’s wants me

To be crazy

If you are looking for a new understanding and rekindling your relation with God, read Crazy Love by Franis Chan. My church is reading his book for our Sunday School and it’s awesome the way Chan describes having this Crazy Love. I wrote this poem to try to share some crazy.