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I Am More ~ In One Hundred Words

I am more than just my brain

Undoubtedly, I am a nerd,

but I am more than just that label

I am my personality

I am a hardcore Christian

I am the smile brought to my lips when with special education friends

I am a friend

I am my forged words

I am more than just my brain neurons

I am more than just the girl who always raises her hand in class

I am more than what I can do for you

I am more than just a lovely part of me

I am all of me and more.



Wi2_Photography via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Gone Away

I’m sorry but my brain is broken today

My mind is on vacations and didn’t leave a notice of when it will be back

Doctor’s office cotton balls are all that fill the void up there

while my brain is getting a sun tan

Italian spaghetti is my thoughts today

The focus on my sniper is just a little off

The old man with the mustache has gone home sick and the intern is left at the controls

flipping switches and pushing buttons just to start anything

Warning: there is a run-away melon rolling down the sidewalk

The hands on my clock are moving faster than the minutes

and the little bird is getting tired of saying ‘Cuu-coo’

I’m sorry but my brain is broken today