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Sweet Sorrow of Love

My infant Redeemer laid

His head on coarse hay

in a plate for the sheep

for my sins He paid

from that Child is my only way

My Savior, just a Babe, fell asleep

in a cave made a throne room

As Mary grew round

with the Mighty God

being composed in her womb

did she think her Child would be crowned

with thorns, but to rescue all from the Devil’s maraud?

Each kick was from the Everlasting Father

who grew up to die

and to live again

The Child to be born was time’s author

the helpless toddler’s every laugh and every cry

belonged to the Wonderful Counselor, King of all men

from the virgin birth

came forth the Prince of Peace

to free us from our wrongs

He said His kingdom was not of earth

His kingdom, His glory, His love will never cease

for us to be with Him, He longs

the Sower of the Stars

came forth in a stable,

Did ever such love and sorrow meet?

the One of powerful exemplars

was from a girl of ways simple

Did ever such love and sorrow meet?

Nature’s Inventor

would be pierced by His own work

Did ever such love and sorrow meet?

a blood stained cross belongs to my Redeemer

I think it is His best artwork

Did ever such love and sorrow meet?



Tempted by the Tempter

She is known as the Mother of the Living

but yet through her was Death’s coming

She was part of the great construction

She brought great destruction

She was Eve

Eve was so naive

Because she had no concept of sin

She was tempted by the worst, who gave her a big grin

Babies before they can talk know of temptation

She was fooled by the Utmost Depraved’s lie that was artfully spun

Sometimes we forget that and just blame

It was Eve who was tempted, shame, shame, shame

But it was Eve who came face to face with the Serpent

Sin did not exist before that instant

Satan was so sly

He preyed on her weaknesses, so cunning was his lie

She was tempted by the Tempter

Yes, she did make the bluster

that changed everything and made the world we knew

But how would you do?

Everyday we are challenged

Choices we have to make that world plunged

us into. We have to decide what is right

and what is wrong. Be the light

Or turn to our own selfish desires

Digging deeper into the fires

We say, ‘No one is watching’

Objects become mysteriously missing

We say, ‘Life is not fair, I should get what I deserve’

The wife at home believes you are on a business trip and believes that your love for her is preserve(d)

We say, ‘It won’t hurt anyone’

A little money a carefully swept under the rug, how did that happen?

These are the lies the Serpent tactfully spins

No one ever truly thinks that they are sins

And all the while, we keep the blame on Eve

‘Oh she was so naive’

Do you not see what is right before you?

I’ll give you a clue

It’s called giving in to temptation.

But always remember, God is here for your salvation.

Below is my favorite of all time poem. It is called Free Fall. I memorized it four years ago and if I practiced I think I can do it better than the girl who did it on the video. Enjoy! Also I wanted to remind everyone that October 8th is bring your Bible to school day.

God is on Your Side

There once was a man named Daniel

and for his faith, he was not bashful

He relied on God

and for that he was known abroad

He was able to interpret dreams

And so Nebuchadnezzar and other kings gave him esteem

Daniel had amassed great power

but it was all through God that he was like a chancellor

But some of the Administrators did not like him

So they went out on a limb

and told the King Darius that he should punish

anyone who prays to any god or man against the King’s wish

Now all the Administrators knew

that Daniel prayed night, moring, and noon

When Daniel heard the decree

he got down on a knee

and prayed to God for guidance

The Administrators saw and placed a grievance

to King, who tried to save

Daniel, but had no choice but to put him in a cave

A cave with hungry lions

The King, before the action

said to Daniel “May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!”

A stone was brought over and the King sealed it with his ring, just before the lions were ready to chew

King Darius returned to his palace

but could not sleep through the night, for he was not heartless

At the first light of dawn

The King went to the den, whereupon

Daniel was not eaten in the least!

God closed the mouths of the beasts

At the King’s command

He brought the men who had had this plan

against Daniel to the den and before

they reached the floor

the lions over powered them

Now put your goings of life into this poem

You may be having it tough

and life is a bit rough

Times are hard

and you have your fair share of scars

But always remember, God is on your side

He is your guide

He is your shield and protector

But do not be upset when he doesn’t answer

the prayer you think the way he should

For his ways, to you, are not understood

You are God’s child

When He created you, He smiled

So whatever hardship you are going through

God knows you and the issue

and He will take care

Bring the problems to God in prayer

For He is forever and always on your side.

 Renee Silverman / Foter / CC BY-ND

Renee Silverman / Foter / CC BY-ND