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Reflecting Poetry

The speed of light, the speed of life

The speed of sound, the speed of time

As bright as day, as dark as night

As dark as day, as bright as night

The light at the end of the tunnel

The tunnel at the end of the light

You are the love of my life

You are the life of my love

A dagger in the heart

A heart in the dagger

As loud as thunder, as quiet as a mouse

As quiet as thunder, as loud as a mouse

Without a care in the world

The world without a care

As brave as a lion, as weak as a kitten

As weak as a lion, as brave as a kitten

A diamond in the rough

A rough in the diamond

A mirror image

An image in the mirror

A day in the life

A life in a day

I still have a soul

If I still had a soul

When life gives you lemons

Lemons give you life

Go out and face your fears

What is the face of your fears?

True love’s first kiss

The first kiss of false love

A twist of fate

The fate of a twist