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Life Isn’t Always A Game of Chess

Life isn’t always a game of chess

Where two opponents

Make strategic moves to best the other

With Pawns and Kings

And Bishops can only move in diagonals


There won’t always be a Moriarty to your Holmes

A Joker to Batman

A arch-enemy


Someone who opposes you at everything

Every action

Every idea

Every ideal


Sometimes life is more like Yahtzee

Can be played alone

or with or against someone

It can be played with a whole group of friends and family

or a few

You roll the dice and pick what your best options are

You put in for your Full House

and the dice allow it to be

Or you have to put in for your Chance

Or even zero out something

You don’t always get a Yahtzee


Or it could be Gestures

People guessing wildly what your actions could mean

and only one truly gets it right

Unless if you’re easy to read

Or given simple cards


Twister seems plausible

As does Pictionary

Stratego is too much like chess

and Outburst not quite right as Gestures is

Racko is similar to Yahtzee

Apples to Apples is closer to life because of lobbying


Even The Game of Life isn’t quite life

There is no miscarriages, divorce or abuse

Or waiting rooms, pulling all nighters, or your children running to you scared during a thunderstorm


Life normally doesn’t have opponents

but more unforeseen chances


Life is more of a game of Yahtzee than Chess