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Flying: An Abecedarian Poem


Bird flies by when I look outside.

Carefree, the only weight is its wings. The bird

doesn’t know all the hope it carries on it’s feathered wings and yet it


flies over the

Grand Canyon to the

high mountain tops. The world places all their escapist thoughts

in the



little creature who happens to be gifted with the

much wanted almost

needed aspiration to fly.

Oh, so much

promise is placed

quietly in the


sleepless nights

to only be able to fly away.

Up in the

vast open sky is

where our

X-target seems to always lay.

You, dear bird, fly with

zeal for everyone places their’s on you.





My Savior: An ABC Poem

Awesome in power, given away to wash my feet

Body hanging on the cross

Clever in confrontation Jesus is

Death defeated

Enduring love through my acts of rejection

Feeding of the 5000

Grace that knows no bounds

He isn’t threatening Hell, He is saying go over my dead body

I can’t sum Him up in 26 lines

Jesus, my savior, my redeemer,

Knowledge of my heart and knowledge of the stars

Love is patient, love is kind, God is patient, God is kind

My imagination can’t even reflect a shard of His magnificence

Never ending love, that I can never deserve or earn, but only given

Only His presence of love can satisfy my search

Peter, Pilot, Paul

Qualities of him unfathomable

Reaches of the star unknown, reaches of his palm also

Sacrificing His blood to me poured over me, so that mine won’t be spilled in hell

Thomas doubted, and put his fingers through the holes

Unabashedly, we should share his love

Washed my slate clean, washed it again, still washing it. I try, but fail; He picks me up

X – stars are the number of times he loves us, there are countless of them

Yet, we are looking through a mist to heaven

Zealous for him is who I would love to become