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Pictures with Captions




With today’s society pictures are everywhere

Someone always has some event captured

The whole purpose of Instagram and Snapchat are pictures

Because a picture tells you a thousand words right?

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong

Pictures may convey surface emotion,

but not what is going on underneath

Happy Family Christmas photo!



But what if I were to tell you that in the last Christmas card there was another sister

The family is torn apart and no one can get over it

But everyone smiles for the camera!

Pictures can be facades

They can be faked

The people in the photos can act falsely

Words can describe every single detail

but can also leave out the biggest details

Lies can spiral from the perfectly shaped words

So which is better,

getting surface level stories,


all the details except the biggest ones?


I believe the mind is best

It’s all how you perceive it that makes the difference

I could be looking at the exact same situation as you

but see it in a totally different light

Both of us are right

but both of us could also be wrong

The mind takes in an input

from the eyes





and makes a decision

followed by thought and emotion

The mind is the best, but it is the hardest to express

So we put our perspectives in a way that we find fits best

Words or pictures

I’d like pictures with captions.