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Remembering You

White polyester shirts

freshly painted walls

rhubarb pie

playing Rummie and Mexican train


coffee time

cancer treatments

cream pants

rough, strong hands

dead frog

clean house

heart felt praise

dinner parties

rushing about

powdered face

work clothes



Happy Birthday, Grandma

Hope your enjoying Heaven





When did Thanksgiving turn into Thanksgetting?

A day of giving thanks that is forgotten and consumed by the consumer

Family laughs are left behind as red markers circle want they want in ads

When I make Pop-over biscuits everyone else is popping off to the stores

Skip over a day of thanks to the day of need more, more, more

Saving a dollar becomes more important than saving room for a piece of pumpkin pie

People think buying gifts is more important than saying ‘Thank you’ to who the gifts are for

I like getting a good deal just as much as anyone else, but I’d rather be getting a precious memory instead

I understand Thanksgiving is hard because some families are difficult to get along with, but you are supposed to be ‘giving’ them another chance

I wonder if shopping is just an overused excuse to not have a family get-to-together?

Stuffing turns into stuffing the shopping cart

Cranberries morph in to ‘cram’ all the goodies

Yams are ‘Yeah, I’m in line’

I want a thankful Thanksgiving and not a Thanksgetting




Mindless Pleasure

To all of the things I should be doing,

I know I should be doing something productive,

I know I should be doing the responsible thing,

I know I should be doing that long list of things to do,

but it will be there tomorrow,

there will always be a list of things to do.

But I am really enjoying my simple mindless pleasure.

Of course I am thinking about what I should be doing,

so it is not so mindless as it is guilty.

To do this instead of that,

an opportunity cost.

Too little time to do it all,

but time being finite is what makes it precious.

If I lived forever on earth, everything would be boring

because I would have done it all, seen it all, known it all.

I would have only a past and not a future.

The finite preciousness of time allows me

to have a past,

and a future.

One worth living for

because it ends

and changes.


To all the things I should be doing,

I’m not procrastinating,

I’m not being lazy,

I’m not wasting time,

I’m relearning why it is precious.

What I'd rather be doing. Reading, playing with my dog and wrapped up in my many blankets. If you haven't figured out by many pieces written about my blankets I love them. :)

What I’d rather be doing. Reading, playing with my dog and wrapped up in my many blankets. If you haven’t figured out by many pieces written about my blankets I love them. 🙂

Superhero Sunday

An AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, UNCANNY, MIGHTY, AND BRAVE AND BOLD (puns intended) superhero short story that will blow the costume right off of you! 🙂 The Imagination Kid has real out done herself on this one! She gets the right stereotypes of a superhero, but then twists them just enough. I don’t know which one I like better the writing style or the topic.

This Kid's Writing Is Here

I try not to spend a whole lot of time handcuffed in the local police station, but when I do, it’s approaching 3 am on a Sunday morning and I’m still in my PJs. My feet were bare against the concrete, chilled toes scraping the floor as I swung them back and forth restlessly. How simple it would be to make my escape – I’ve already come up with three different routes – but I decided to give them the benefit of their capture. It’s not like my criminal record was very clean to begin with, anyway.

The events that led up to my arrest began at my house, sometime after midnight. I wasn’t expecting much to happen tonight; freshly showered and cozy in clean red flannel pajamas, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed with the English assignment due at the end of the weekend. I even took…

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Seeking Who God Is

A needed message! Keep on doing God’s plan! 🙂

Citizen Of Heaven

This past Sunday at my church a talented young girl, Nicole Faith Nelson, preached her 6th sermon! She’s only 15, and going to be a sophomore in high school, and has some very potent words of wisdom!  She speaks about how we are to seek God in His creation, in scripture, and in His people. She also makes a point that we are not to look for God, but to actively seek Him. She makes some enlightening points about who God is. God has not only laid a message on her heart, but equipped her with the gifts to share the message. Below is her sermon, enjoy!

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Places From The California Notebooks 2015

Beautiful piece! 🙂


once I used
to live in a jungle
I think

I spent my time
wading off emotions
spiders and mosquitoes


the light was
hardly shining
emotions were
too thick

I needed a machete

cutting off some thoughts
new emotions started
to grow tall and lean
fewer the ivy

now I live

in a green pasture
sunshine on a clear sky
and the occasional
thorn bush


.2015-02-11 09.31.09.









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Writing anonymously

Writings of the Black Rose

That frankness is rare,
It goes away with the name.
I wish to write as a soul,
And not a body with the worldly load.

The energy inside me must shine out,
Unaffected by the crowds.
Presentation of myself as I am,
Without the influence of anyone.

Strange are the ways
Strange are the reasons
For which the society moulds us.
Actions are expected without reason.

I am a heart
I am a soul
I am not a body
I am not a name.

Anonymous is what I wish to be.
Just a cool breeze.
Influencing the lives I touch.
Spreading the message of love.

For my trustworthiness,
Look into my eyes.
For a positive thought,
Just see me smile.

I’ll be a feeling.
I’ll be an emotion.
For all I know.
For all I care.

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