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From Nature to Thoughts: Resurfacing Some Old Poems

I am just ‘re-posting’ some of my old poems that I thought were especially good showing my free verse style of ‘Each Blade’ and my rhyming skills in my Villanelle poem ‘Like Lapping, Crashing Ocean Waves: A Villanelle Poem’. Enjoy!


Each Blade


Have you ever

just stared at the grass?

Sit or lay down

in the grass

This sea of green

and only focus on the grass

Not the birds singing

Not the wind blowing

Not the dogs barking

Not the bugs buzzing

Just the grass

Waving your hand across

the soft and fluffy

or maybe hard and crackly


The different widths

long and thin

short and wide

dark emerald

light emerald

easy to bend

stiff blades

All these differences

and unless you get down to their level

You’ll never notice


What if

God sees us this way

This sea of people

with different problems

and joys


and Fears

And God could just keep on walking on the grass

But He doesn’t

The Lord gets down to our level

He learns each and everyone of us

He learns our hearts

our dreams

our relationships

how we think

our stress

Knows us personally

Have you ever

just stared at humanity?

God has



hummyhummy / Foter / CC BY


Like Lapping, Crashing Ocean Waves: A Villanelle Poem


On this husk I show no qualms

But in my mind, I have confusing thought

Like lapping, crashing ocean waves, the thoughts keep on coming


Destroying my world while lighting my path, I let my soul burn

Peaceful raindrops and bullets firing, I am in the middle of the onslaught

On this husk I show no qualms


In my midnight prayers, “Give me direction,” I yearn

But when direction had come, I’m afraid, I may have fought

Like lapping, crashing ocean waves, the thoughts keep on coming


With all this life and it’s perceptions, will control I learn?

Will past experiences and soothing songs tell me what is to be taught?

On this husk I show no qualms


Not following the recipe, ingredients do churn

Mixing, mixing, mixing which should naught

Like lapping, crashing ocean waves, the thoughts keep on coming


I cannot show my questions and confusion for that would arise concern

So I will float in the space of my mind like an astronaut

On this husk I show no qualms

Like lapping, crashing ocean waves, the thoughts keep on coming






On a Path Called Life I Met . . .

For God took the sinless Christ and poured into him our sins. Then, in exchange, he poured God’s goodness into us!

– 2 Corinthians 5:21

Jesus the most perfect man to ever walk the earth. He had no sin, no blemishes, he was perfect. A metaphor to portray Jesus’ sinlessness and our constant sinning is put into beautiful perspective by a great blogger historywithbrandon. You can visit his blog here.

We start off our lives wearing expensive and irreplaceable white robes. We are walking on this narrow and long path called life and become thirsty. You look around for anything to satisfy your need. Then, you see this mysterious man selling fruit punch. Being so overwhelmed by thirst you drink so fast and spill half of it on your pristine white robe. It’s stained, it’s dripping with fruit punch. Your father will be upset with you.

narrow path

So you start running. No matter how tired you are from your long and painful walk on the path called life; you keep on running. You are crying from all the shame of staining your irreplaceable white robe. Each time you pass someone, you turn and don’t let them see your stains and tears. You hide your filth. You are desperate to clean your now blood red robe.

Along the path, you find some carelessly left bleach. The bottle is so old with dirt all over. To even unscrew the cap you get dirt all over your hands and wipe it on your robe. You wash your robe and all the stains look like they are gone. But at close expectation, you see they are still there. Again and again you drop spaghetti or smudge chocolate on your robe. As soon as it gets on there you run to get your bottle of bleach and wash your robe back into perceived perfection.

white robe

After years of using bleach, your robe is withered and horribly stained, it can be easily pulled apart and ripped. A man with shining light came up to you and saw you were in need of new clothes. So he gave you temporary clothes and washed your old ones with a product called Mr. Christ’s Water of Life – tough sin remover. It was like it was brand new. It was not rough and scratchy, it was smooth and soft.

You chased him and embraced him. You and Mr. Christ sat down and talked for hours. He told me about his book – his manual. You decided he was an amazing man who never needed to use his product, in fact he never stained his clothes! You read his book and fell in love with him. If he was this great, you wanted to follow him. You gave up your old life and follow in his foot steps on the path called life.

Re-blogging of Yellow Brick Road

This is original post on I found it awesome! Please check out this blog, she writes about topics of God with a unique perceptive.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had a vision of what she was looking for at the end of her yellow brick road. Dorothy was in a movie and what was at the end of her road was scripted. We don’t always know what’s at the end of ours. Life isn’t always a fantasy.

Every brick is a step along the road. When the road is being built you start with one brick, and add more to make it grow. These bricks are like the events in our lives. Every event contributes to the completion of our road.

If you aren’t looking and step into a ditch, you could trip and fall. But you get yourself off the ground and keep walking.

If something in our own life is missing, we fall, which is an opportunity to learn and create a step so we can get up and learn how to not fall again.

Life always comes with distractions that may knock us off the path. The witch placed the poppy field on the path. It appeared beautiful, but was actually poison. What looked like beautiful flowers was actually poison.

Along this path we meet friends. A friend is someone God gives us on our yellow brick road to encourage and lift us up when the whole world seems to have disappeared. Dorothy met the scarecrow, tin man, and lion. We need to recognize our real friends.

At the end of the road is our vision, our Oz- our Verse…our Purpose, our Passion, our Path, our absolute fulfiller of life… is the path – along our yellow brick road.