How Does Your Brain Work?

How does your brain work?

I ask, my dear friend.

What is tumbling around in that noggin of yours?

I laugh with my friend.

What makes you think that?

I wonder.

The random things you say,

the questions you ask.

But they aren’t random to you, are they?

This is how you understand the world.

It is your organization system

and you want all your facts and figures in order.

You want your people to line up with what is important to you.

Maybe this is why your memory is so good?

Maybe we shouldn’t be trying to ‘fix’ autism,

but understand you more.

There is nothing wrong with how you see things,

only different.

How does my brain work?

I ask myself.

What is tumbling around in that noggin of mine?

I laugh.

What makes me think that?

I wonder.


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  1. The brain is such a complex and wonderful creation of God. We say that no two snowflakes are alike. I never thought of it before but no two minds are alike! That kind of makes you stop and wonder how we manage to survive together.


  2. We are all so different, sometimes we need to learn from those who are “different” and maybe we will open our own eyes to new possibilities. Good Job. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”


  3. I really like brains. They are fascinating, so complex; yet, in a way, brains are simple, only a collection of cells connected in patterns to form memories and thoughts. Each flash of electricity is connected to another, and each thought is a network of transfers of electrolytes. I think you did a good job of capturing the essence of thought, and the brain in your poem, both by the curious, contradictory mix of child and adult in the tone of your writing, and the repetition of your point. Good job!

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