A Painter’s Palette

I think life is like a painter’s palette

we are each different colors

I may be a light shade of green

and you may be blood red

or the guy sitting next to you may be royal blue.

On our own we may be beautiful,

but with the right artist’s hand we can be breathtaking.

But we have to be willing to work together,

to change, swirl and mix

to create a masterpiece.

We have to let some of our red mix with someone else’s yellow to make sunset orange.

We have to give a little to get some more.

I think we have to remember that now more than ever.



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  1. Excellent post! I think my colors are:
    Green with envy
    God took my black heart and made it white as snow
    My eyes are sea blue but pictures sometimes show them as flaming red
    Sometimes people ask me if I’m blue, but then I pipe up and say, “Yell – ow!” (sorry)

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  2. I Love It!!! you paint such a beautiful picture with your words. So true, we can be beautiful on our own but have the possability of becoming even better…..


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