Stopped Counting

Time  . . .

My inner clock doesn’t seem to match up

with the world’s clock


It’s not off just by a few seconds

or minutes

but as if my inner clock

has stopped counting altogether.

Quantifying and calculating life is

so foreign?

I completely don’t know how I was able to

live, breath, love

by the rules of

1 tic

2 toc

3 tic

4 toc

echoes the old grandfather clock.



I am not content to live between the pendulum swings.

I don’t want my life to be counted and measured

by this alien number system that says it is 11:17 AM





the mouse ran up the clock.



3 responses »

  1. It is nice at times to be able to ignore the clock, but then reality sets in and we have to get back to meeting our obligations and use the clock as a tool. I hope we can use the clock as a tool and not not let it become our master.


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