Daily Archives: July 10, 2016

My Loves

Oh where would I be without you, my loves?

No warm embrace to curl around me when I need a tender reminder of reality

No burst of flavor and passion spicing up my life

Nothing to hold onto when fantasy pulls at my fingers

My old, not-so-soft-anymore blanket where would my writing be without you?

My Paper Mate mini colorful pens (0.7 mm to be exact) where would my writing be without you?

My Superman hacky sack (probably made in China) where would my writing be without you?

Even if it is summer, I still reach out to my dearest blankie for assurance, for comfort, for safety,

within its confines I am able to contain my sporadic thoughts and control them.

I love to see feel my pens bleed across the page simultaneously as my mind does in the waning hours of the day,

they release the written memories to my journal while transfixing me with their colorful hues.

When the words escape me for a moment or dare I say be afflicted with a writer’s block, I clutch my hacky sack and trace it’s pattern of truth, justice and the American way,

until I am able to grip the keys that give way to living, breathing words.

Oh where would I be without you, my loves?

But where would I be without my parents to give me the time to write,

or without education to allow me to discover my passion,

or the opportunity for books to digest other writing styles,

or without language given by the Pooh-Pooh Hypothesis (thanks AP Comp summer homework!) to communicate in the first place.

But for right now, I’ll just settle to ponder about my blankie, pens, and hacky sack because they cannot even soothe the thought of not having language.


My Loves