I feel like a dress balled up and thrown in the hamper after a night out

I feel like “beach glass” sharp edges smoothed out over the decades of waves crashing upon its pieces

I feel like a baseball that has been practiced with too many times in the afternoon fading sun

I feel like a Lazy Boy chair that sags to the left after years of use from its habitual occupant

I feel like the cracked glass of a iPhone 5S, shattered from too many times being forgotten in a back pocket

I feel like Grandma’s favorite kitchen paring knife, showing age in color and cut

I feel like a pair of Nike’s after crossing the finish line at the Philadelphia Marathon

I feel like the knee of a retired eight-nine year old shop worker standing up for four o’clock supper

I feel worn out

I feel worn out about planning the future

About what college I should go to

whether that is truly the perfect choice of education or if I am just settling

This will decide my life,

and I don’t know if I am ready to make that choice?

And I don’t want to think about saving money for retirement right now,

or what the government and my country as a whole will look like twenty-three years from now

or sixteen years from now trying to hold to my conservative values when I teach a class that differs from my beliefs



or  . . .

Can I please just be me for one moment and not planning for future me?

Can my toughest decision be what favor of ice cream I want to lick while walking and talking with my best friend on a 78° summer day?

Can my toughest decision be what color of nail polish, fire engine red or electric blue?

Can my toughest decision be to have Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast or have a strawberry-raspberry smoothie?

Can my toughest decision be whether to read a novel or a comicbook or maybe both?

Can my toughest decision be what station to listen to on Pandora, 2Cellos or Christian pop?

Can my toughest decision be to go running or to go running and swimming?




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  1. Yes, planning for the future is important, but we have to be careful not to spend all of our lives looking so far ahead that we don’t enjoy the present. You have heard the saying “stop and smell the roses”


  2. Enjoy being a kid! As an adult this is what we do every day, some important, some not so much, but we all make decisions – even when deciding to not decide.


  3. i CAN FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! Sometimes being responsible is such a pain, do take the time to enjoy yourself and your brain will still be processing all of the information while you relax and enjoy life. Best of luck with your choice, Wherever you do go will be blessed to have you!!!!


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