Can We Just Stop Life?

How can I miss you

How can I miss you when you are only two feet away?

How can I miss you when you never left

and neither did I

I spend most of my waking hours with you

yet I miss you

I miss your laugh

I miss your pleasant sighs

I miss watching your hand swim across a page while you are writing

I miss watching your eyes dance across a page while you are reading

I miss knowing exactly how you interlace your fingers

I miss knowing exactly how you bob your hand to music

I miss you

and yet I see you everyday

nothing between us changed

there was no fight

there was no outside tragedy

there was no one added to the equation

well except that invited guest called


and Responsibility

and Growing Up.

I now know how I can miss you

because even when you are two feet away from me

my mind and I can be millions of miles away.

So can we just pause Life?

So can we just put Responsibility on hold?

So can we just tell Growing Up to take a chill pill?

So can we reign in our minds

And stop missing each other

and start finding each other?

“I have found that no exertion of the legs can bring two minds much nearer to one another.”

-Henry David Thoreau



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  1. All of the emotions in this are very strong and I admire how you can craft something so emotional! Not only that, but the beautiful tragedy that comes with aging. Wonderfully written!

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  2. Married people can often grow apart even though they are living closely together – it takes a lot of effort to remain close, they need to make time to spend together and listen to one another. People think they can do this while texting, watching TV, or doing other work, but this is not the case. If you truly love someone, you will find the time.


  3. I understand all too well how we can be in someone’s physical presence but yet not feel that “closeness” that we crave.


  4. It would be nice to always have the closness with those that we love that we once might have had, but life does interfere with some of the closeness. We need to stop purposely sometimes and make the effort to reconnect.


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