I Am

I am the chorus stuck in your head

I am the perfect hair day

I am the golden leaf falling in autumn

I am your second favorite pair of shoes

I am the Frisbee you throw at the beach

I am your homework on Friday night

I am the birthday card underneath your bed

I am the Chicken Alfredo on the first date with your future spouse

I am the chilling breeze in spring time

I am the pen out of ink

I am the New Year’s Eve bubbly

I am the pixel on your iPhone

I am the little girl’s fifth tooth taken by the ‘tooth fairy’

I am the Ma and Pa restaurant that you never stop at

I am the cool soda on a warm summer day

I am the smile of the greeter in your local supermarket

I am always there, but never remembered.



Flооd via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


2 responses »

  1. How fortunate we are to have so many things we are thankful for that we take so many for granted – we are truly blessed. Nice poem


  2. We may not take notice of these things, but they do make up some of the best moments of our lives and we would miss them if they never were. always thought provoking. good job


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