Daily Archives: April 20, 2016

My Mind Is Like ~ In Two Hundred Words

My mind is like the Indy 500,

so many cars racing around going nowhere, fast.

My mind is like a computer,

so calculated with an answer and what action to take.

My mind is like space,

so unexplored and magnificent.

My mind is like an ocean breeze,

so uncontrolled and free to tickle every grain of sand.

My mind is like an empty jail cell,

so full of haunting what if’s and gotten away’s.

My mind is like sixteen candles on a birthday cake,

so full of possibilities to ignite, but stifled in one blow.

My mind is like the monster under the bed,

so willing to creep it’s fingers into the sheets of children above, while parents say ‘no such thing!’

My mind is like a machine gun,

so many bullets, targets hit and missed, but bullets shot nevertheless.

My mind is like Peter Pan,

so unwilling to grow up, he creates his own world.

My mind is like an eraser marked line sheet of paper,

so much to say, but just can’t get the first word out.

My mind is like an art museum,

so many paintings, so little time.

My mind is like a never ending poem,

so  . . .