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How to Write A Great Chapter in My Novel

Inspired by How to Write the Great American Indian Novel by Sherman Alexie

All scribbled in notebooks must be open to the according pages in-which the chapter pertains to: blue quote book, notebook of outline of chapter written five minutes ago, and notebook of things to remember.
Their pages must be held down by the next notebook and placed  in a perfect non-organized manner on the left hand side of the “BatComputer”.

The music must be soothing, but inspiring also, Man of Steel composed by Hans Zimmer preferably
from the one hour soundtrack of Ideal of Hope on Youtube. There must be a blanket next to the author. That is mandatory.

If the music is from a playlist on Youtube, it is background. The music must be with no ads or from a soundtrack the author does not know. But if the playlist is a soundtrack

then it must be superhero, preferably by Hans Zimmer.
If there is  Juicy Fruit: Fruity Chews Strawberry, then there has to be three so

that the gum takes up a quarter of the mouth and keep favor like the cotton candy’s taste long remember after last summer’s magical carnival.
When the gum is snapped, the room echos back

at the powerful sound the author makes with her mouth and on the pages. Her words should be compared to ocean waves comforting roar, yet the salt stings in all the places the reader forgot were hurting.

If the author is to write during midday, then the house must be absolute quiet with no interruptions.
Authors must always have no distractions, which not to get sidetracked onto mid-word.

Yet if the writing occurs at evening, distractions are inevitable and the door shut is the only shield.
Chapters in novels, of course, are written in one sitting. They are living, breathing, creatures and to stop would destroy the life

of any piece of work that the author loves so deeply. All trains of thoughts must be ceaselessly imprinted into the keyboard. That is always the case. Authors feign bragging rights

that their writing is in small spurts, but secretly spend too many hours writing the same line over and over again.
Authors dream about perfect words choices and effortlessly written sentences.

Main characters are beyond human, un-measurable-amount of empathy and determination. When the main character does or says something awesome, the reader should think of how this book is an allegory.

When writing there must be various writing devices, description, and witty humor. Quote books may be utilized. The readers’ eyes must be unmoved from the page.

Authors must veer off from the outline. The author can feel compelled to change the whole plot in the pull of the words decided to be written if felt to do so. If this does occur

then the plot change must fit not for the sake of good writing. The author must carry these words from deep inside themselves. Those passionate words are worth to grace the pages

and obviously inspired from Hans Zimmer’s music.  If the words come from Theodora’s perceptive
then the reader must feel their heart be ripped out and sewed back together again, especially if she is with Wilson.

If the perceptive is from Petre, then the writing is calculating, especially if he is at
a Chamber meeting. Sometimes there is explosions of emotions.

The narrator can be describing the land or characters. The narrator
can be referencing himself. In these rare instances,

every main character is present and very emotional.
There must be clarification afterwards from each character perceptive.

For this, the author needs more time. Hours or days, this is
not important; the characters should express deep differing emotions in each his or her own way.

In the great chapter of my novel, when it is finally written,
all of the characters will be deeper and all of the readers will be wanting more.