Daily Archives: April 10, 2016

War of Words


Our tongues are our triggers,

that we are more than willing to let our bullets fly.

The bullets lodge themselves in hearts, souls, and minds

inflicting their wounds of –

“not good enough”








Our bullets sting and kill

They kill dreams and self-esteem and goodness and respect and happiness and control and hope and success and love and peace and optimism and confidence and courage and possibly life itself

but we shoot our guns without care to aim

We shoot because we love the noise

and the kickback that maybe,

just maybe,

it might dislodge our own bullet wounds.

We fire harsh words

and nasty phrases

and angry sentences

and expletives

We fire because we can

and we fire because society says so

and we fire because everyone said it is okay

and we fire because what else were guns made for?

There are sharpshooters

so that no one can know where the bullets come from,

and there are silent handguns

so that no one can say they heard the bullets too,

and there are machine guns

so that they can shoot as many as possible,

and there are shotguns

so that they can inflict the most damage with only one shot.


as a species,

as a society,

as a community,

as individuals,

have mastered the art of inflicting pain.

The bullets are smooth and shine in the light,

and whisper to us to fire them

to shoot

to shoot

to shoot until you can’t feel your own bullet wound anymore.

But we forget that the bullets lose their luster when covered in crimson.

We carry these bullet wounds with us,

they are the first set of eyes to welcome us to the morning,

they are sitting in the passenger seat on the way to work

they are tying our shoe laces together on the way down the street

and yet

and yet

and yet we cling to our guns

that if we fire today our own wounds might hurt less.

I believe that language

whether it is Spanish

or German

or Japanese

or Swahili

or Sign language

is the best invention ever.

It gave birth to everything there ever was or will be,

because language gave the ability to cure smallpox’s and bake cakes and drive cars and read bed time stories

At the same time, I believe

that it is also the worst invention ever,

because language gave the ability to create nuclear bombs and convince us that smoking isn’t bad and tell little girls that they shouldn’t play with Lego’s and tell lies

But language is needed

communication is needed

words are needed.

Our tongues will always be our triggers,

and we can’t make less guns

but I just wish there were less bullets flying.