Daily Archives: April 7, 2016

Beyond This Moment: Now

Future moments and memories to be made

Future ideas and events to happen

More things to be cherished

A seemingly endless amount of potential and possibility

The time not of now

The time not of yesterday

The time of the unwritten, overly sung



It’s looking forward and inward

to who I will be

and changed from what I am

It’s preparing for uncertainty and certainty alike

and hoping for a surprise and steadiness all the same

It’s a contrast and unbalance

that only time can reconcile

for sometime new to become the future

Instead of 2018 being the future

the future will morph into 2024,

which soon will transform into the future being 2036

The future is possibility turned into change of the present


So, beyond this moment

is the future

is the rest of the world

is the rest of my life

is the rest of me


Beyond this moment

of innocent childhood

of naive risk

of thoughtful potential

is what?


There will be a moment after this one

and another after that,

but will it be as good as this one?

Questions, questions, questions

that is what the future is made of.


The mind of me, in the present, pondering on the future

Of things to come that reflect the past

Of things to come that are a brand new thing

Of things to come that will shock and amaze and un-change me

Of things to come

The mind of me, in the present, pondering on the future


Beyond this moment?

Beyond this moment


This was the last poem in my series called ‘Beyond This Moment’. The series is on some of my most cherished moments and how they changed over the years. Hope you enjoy! 🙂