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Beyond This Moment: 14

For the first time it is quiet

Not that quiet that is from the absence of people and motion with only little noises

like the creaking of the house or the wind

Not that awkward silence when everyone in a room stops talking

Not that pause for thought in a conversation

Not that ringing silence after a loud noise

Not that muffled unearthly quiet in an airplane

For the first time it is quiet


The falling snow does not even make noise

The wind does not make a sound in the bare trees

I cannot hear my breath or my heartbeat

except I know this is one of the moments where I know I am alive


To take a break from life,

to live.

To take a break from the world,

to enjoy the earth.

To take a break from people,

to lie next to them in the snow.


Three snow angels spread around a clump of pine trees

with three girls looking up at the sky

with tracks of play just past their feet

with sleds just out of reach

with puffy coats and layers of gloves

with visible breath

with silent hearts beating with life


The occasion with school called off

the occasion is nature’s way of saying

enjoy this,

while you can.

Before the thoughts of duty

and driving

and work

and daycare

and bills

and groceries

and aging parents

crowd in and turn snowy roads

from a reason to celebrate to a reason to dread.


I let my mind wander

but I let it not to think

I let it enjoy

but I let it not to narrate

I let it to soak this time up

but I let it not to categorize


The mind of a fourteen-year-old girl in the silence of a snow day

trying to control her mind

trying to live in the moment

trying to be everything

knowing this is what lies ahead

knowing this is the present

knowing this is what she wants

Believing in the God of creation

Believing in the future

Believing in being alive

The mind of a fourteen-year-old girl in the silence of a snow day


Beyond this moment  . . .


Beyond this moment


This was the third poem in my series called ‘Beyond This Moment’. The series is on some of my most cherished moments and how they changed over the years. Hope you enjoy! 🙂