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Beyond This Moment: 9

The Fourth of July

Independence Day

This means Mike and Mindy’s party

This means tubing on the back of the speed boat

This means fun


After swimming by the dock it is time for,

“Mike, are you going boating? Can we ride the tube?”

People climb in

Life Jackets snapped

Towels placed

One last call

Boat started

Tube lowered

Riders at the ready

Riders get on


A smile beams at me, matching my own

A look of anticipated excitement crosses the mist in the air

A lurch from the boat with squeals of joy following

A thumbs up to go faster


The wind blasts against our faces

We let our toes dip in the speed water

The trees and houses whiz by at amazing speeds

Speed almost incomprehensible to two nine-year-old girls

We signal to go faster and faster still


The tube goes over the wake of the boat and out onto the almost un-rippled water

We let the motion of the tube take us

no thought, only joy

no physics rush through our heads, only non-calculating exuberance rushes through our hearts

Back over the wake and the tube follows right behind the boat

One hand off the handles

Two hands off the handles

Into a crouching position

I’m standing on my knees with both hands in the air with not a care

with not a single thought of falling

my trust so strong in the boat driver


All I see next to me is a smile

A smile of a girl having just as much fun as me

just not willing to risk it


The mind of a nine-year-old girl with the thrill of the ride

Tubing and family was Fourth of July to me

with little thought of the Declaration of Independence

with little thought of the men that died on both sides of history

with little thought to presidents and kings

with little thought of freedom and democracy

The mind of a nine-year-old girl with the thrill of the ride


Beyond this moment,

Beyond this moment



This was the second poem in my series called ‘Beyond This Moment’. The series is on some of my most cherished moments and how they changed over the years. Hope you enjoy! 🙂