Daily Archives: April 4, 2016

Beyond This Moment: 6

We stomp through our backyard and through the field,

well as much as six-year-old girls can stomp,

a mix of playful pouncing and prancing


A little past the fence row of tall and mysterious trees

A little past the boundary of home

A little into the world

A little into the world that does not belong to us

A little into the farmer’s field


Out through the tall grass

Out through the alfalfa ready for harvest

A path behind us is formed

A small, slightly disappearing wave

In the ocean of grass

We venture into the sea behind our house

and leave footprints in the grass we imagine to be sand


We push down the grass

we make tunnels in it

We pretend that it is winter and the grass is snow

We pretend that we are zoo animals and the trees are people, watching us

We pretend that we are ants and the grass is our tunnels beneath the earth

We pretend that we are food in the digestive tract with all of its twists and turns

We pretend


All is quiet for the moment

I am laying on the pushed down grass

with its brothers standing tall around me

I look up

I see the clouds

the sun

the sky

the birds

the trees

And they are only things

nothing more

nothing less.

The mind of a six-year-old girl out to play in the field

no high philosophical thoughts on nature

no complex scientific hypothesis on the environment

The world is and that is all

Something to play in

The mind of a six-year-old girl out to play in the field


Beyond this moment


Beyond this moment


I am doing a series on my some of my most cherished moments and how they changed over the years. Hope you enjoy! 🙂