Just Be Blunt: A Rondeau

Please, please just be blunt,

Don’t make me have to hunt

Pecking at every word, so indecisive.

Each issue or option, you are passive,

Neither loud nor silent.


I’m not a nag, but please adjustment

No hand to hold, be independent

Yes or no, but not compulsive

Please, please just be blunt.


Don’t string me along, then to banishment.

I need an answer, now, up front.

Turn your back on being vague or elusive

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, being deductive

Up or down, day or night, sink or buoyant

Please, please just be blunt.




5 responses »

  1. Being blunt can sometimes cause “blunt force trauma” . Better to speak with precision. But I understand when you just want some kind of answer one way or another


  2. I agree that is what we want from some people that just tend to” drag things out”…. just tell me and then we can both move on.


  3. The need for sincerity in this piece is powerful and even more so by incorporating Sherlock Holmes into it by saying you’re unable to deduce the truth; great job! I can really relate to the words you’ve created in that I prefer to hear the truth as well. Without a truthful individual, it’d be difficult to trust him/her.

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