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I Wish You

I wish you enough laughs to carry you through the cries

I wish you enough do-nothing-days to help you through the hectic ones

I wish you enough blissful moments that calm you in the storm

I wish you enough rejection to make the success feel even better

I wish you enough quiet moments to appreciate the small things and praise God for big things

I wish you enough people that make you giggle like school girls to soothe you through the grumpy ones

I wish you enough gloomy days to be grateful for the bright ones

I wish you happy birthday Mama.


Just a little personalized version for my Mom’s birthday of I Wish You Enough which you can read here. Happy birthday Mama! 🙂



More Than A Kelly Clarkson Song

Stronger by Michael Carroll took the Kelly Clarkson song ‘Stronger’ to the next level. Stronger has as much action as in a comicbook, and as much emotion as pages can handle. Written four years ago, Carroll links his two series together The New Heroes and Superhuman in a excellent tie-in. The protagonist, Brawn, is a thirteen foot tall, blue hairless monster, or so everyone thinks.


Flipping between two elegantly constructed and heart wrenching storylines, the readers are in Brawn’s mind at pivotal years of his life. Starting when Brawn is twelve years old, scared and imprisoned; betrayal closing in on him more than the walls. In the other timeline where all superpowers are eliminated, Brawn is protecting his fellow inmates in a mining prison. Brawn spends most of his excuse for a life in prison because the world cannot accept him or he is on the run from those who wish to use him for their own cause.


From  the many novels that I have held close to my heart, I have never read a masterpiece this agonizingly beautiful. My heart was broken and mended in the characters and in the writing style Carroll artfully creates. Carroll’s use of writing devices and plot twists put any other storyteller to shame, making him my favorite author. I trust Brawn in a deeper and more intimate way than I have with any other character before. Stronger is more than just exercise of imagination, but a true test of what the human spirit is capable of, even if it takes a superhuman to realize that.


If giant blue anti-heroes and mis-judged evil masterminds are not your forte, then read it for a crushing example of human nature. Though this book might seem like it is written for young adults; however, anyone with a heart should read it. Carroll took me into a new universe that I do not want to live in, but visit occasionally. I met new friends that intrigued me as well causing me cower, making Stronger my favorite novel of all time.



A Different Cinderella Story

There once was a prince who had a ball and all the fair maidens came and danced with him. The ball lasted hours upon hours but still he did not find a woman who would catch him when he fell in love. The last hour of the ball there was one who could catch him, and she too fell for him. They danced and it felt to the Prince as if he was dancing in the clouds. Dancing in heaven with this woman whose feet barely touched the ground.

Suddenly she apologized and said that she must go. The woman weaved her way through the ballroom and through the crowd. The Prince chased after her, wanting to know when he could see her again. He finally caught up with her in front of the palace. Strangely, there was no carriage to pick her up.

Prince called out to his mysterious maiden, “My lady, what is your name? Where do you come from?”

The woman replied, “Where I am from, gravity does not know my name.”



Photomatt28 via / CC BY-NC-ND

Like A Bird Flying

Freedom has often been personified by flying or by birds. The idea of being able to fly away from our troubles and stress and float on the wind with not a care. To let the whims of daydreams be like a gentle breeze beneath the wings of a bird. When one area is stormy or cold, just fly to another part of the world.

As free as a bird. In flying there is freedom and in freedom there is hope. Hope of making your own way in the world. Hope of accomplishing your dreams. Hope that if only you control your fate, troubles will turn into a distant memory.

We have hope and freedom in flying.

If flying was just like walking, where would our hope be?

We believe flying is freedom because there are no interruptions with roads, stop signs, traffic, authorities.  If flying like a bird had these same things, what would we dream to do? How would we dream to run away?

Things are only precious because they are limited.

Diamonds were only made three times in the history of earth, they are limited, so they are precious. Family is precious because you only have one. Flying is precious because we can’t.

Time is one of the most precious things. Time is money. Wasting time. The idea of time travelling and undoing mistakes. Time is ever inching closer to its end. Only having 24 hours until the day and its routine begins again. The hope that the new years will be different, the transition of time. Time is precious because we only have a finite supply. And because it can end at any moment.

Breathing is something we do without even thinking about it. No one inhales just for the pure joy of breath. Expect when air has been limited. Inhaling the sweet smell of natural, clean, fresh air after being in an airplane, a dirty factory, a cloud of perfume. Breathing is only special when we can’t have it. Our lives depend on the common.

The value of everything is determined by its supply. Limitations make the world go round.

Without boundaries, where are we? Floating through space coming from nowhere going to nothing in no amount of time with no reason.

Limitations gives us identity.

In this age of rebelling against authority, we are rebelling against limitations. Rebelling against what gives us identity and what makes the world go round.

We rebel in hope of freedom and rebel against any limitation. Then what defines freedom, if in that state there is no lines, no boundaries?

We are ever pushing forward, doing what the other guy couldn’t, always progressing. Always breaking limits.

We crawl. We walk. We created the wheel. We created boats. We created the horse drawn carriage.  We created the submarine. We created the train. We created the automobile. We created the plane. We created the spaceship. We created the internet. Always breaking limitations.

What happens when we break all our limits?

There has always been things to explore. The world, the big world, the tiny world, the people of the world, the high world, the low world, the space outside the world.

What happens when we have explored the world and everything beyond and below?

Preciousness stems from limitations.

Without any limits we have all the power to do anything imaginable, but nothing to do.

If flying was just like walking, where would our hope be?

Why was man not made with gills?

To come up for air.



Patrick Mayon via / CC BY-NC

So Close

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.

Melody Beattie

Probably just like every other blog on WordPress today, I am going to be writing about New Year’s Resolutions! 🙂


My dog is what you would call lazy. I got him a new ball for Christmas and just like every other time he loves the toy for weeks afterwards because it is new and exciting. He carries it with him wherever he goes and brings it to everyone to play with it again. He will not eat his dog food, unless the ball is in the dish.

Our New Year Resolutions are new and exciting and we are determined to achieve them. We go around and tell everyone what we are going to do and how we are going to do it because we are so sure that this will be the time that you do not give up in February like all the other times you made this goal.

So one day my dog is laying on his mat playing with his new ball and it rolls away from him. Maybe not even a foot. But it seems like miles to the dog who weights more than me.


My lazy dog

It is like cold winters when the blanket is at the foot of your bed and you are so cold, but it seems impossible to reach the corner of it and pull it up. So you lay there suffering knowing that your reward is so close.

It is pathetic. I know that if the ball rolled maybe five feet away my dog would get up and go get it, but when it is so close he doesn’t.

Why is it when we can see our goals, just an arms-length, another week, ten more pounds, away that it seems the hardest to fulfill. We can look back at how far we have come, but that little bit more to go is the hardest.

The closer you get to the mountain top, the harder the wind blows.

Your goal is so close that you are just stare at it and not make any progress. Or in my dog’s case staring at it so that you might magically have telekinesis.

You can see the reward, fitting into that beautiful dress for your sister’s wedding, tweeting on Twitter that you have been sober for 100 days, seeing your blood pressure go down showing that your meditation is working, chewing on your new favorite ball. But you soon begin to doubt, is it worth it?

Is picking carrots instead of M&M’s for studying worth the compliments on your dress? Is not going to the bar with friends worth the pride you feel in your heart? Is the loss of 30 minutes of sleep worth the lower stress level? Is the ball really worth standing up for?

You made the goal in the first place and thought it was worth it, but did you know all the sacrifices you would have to put into it?

I am the type of person who needs specific just out of reach, but not quite impossible goals to succeeded. I make goals in my writing, grades, reading, and relationships. For me, it is not so much about the pride I feel when I make my goals, but about not failing.

Teachers have always told students, even as far as taking away the ‘F’ at my school, that failing is not an option. They are wrong. Failing is an option. Failing is a very real and scary option. Failing means that you are not good enough. Failing means that who or whatever your rival was, won.

Goals are not about achieving them, but about not failing.

Your goals will always be worth it, if the reward is more than the loss of failing.

So when you can see your reward right in front of you, but it seems so far away you can do three things.

  1. Rise up and make the goal and don’t let anything get in your way.
  2. Give up and fail.
  3. Stay stagnant and neither achieve nor fail which in a sense does truly mean failing.

So this post is about not staying stagnant in your New Year’s Resolutions. I think the worst thing we can do when creating our Resolutions is using the words ‘more’ or ‘less’. They are words that allow you to stop your goals as soon as you make some progress at all. Like the extremely popular Resolution, ‘Lose Weight.’ As soon as you lose five pounds, then you made your goal and you can continue on eating Twinkies everyday for lunch. (Yes, I actually have a friend who does this) 🙂

Make your goals specific and just out of reach, but not impossible because then we would need Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible. (I am actually making a pop culture reference!)

Do not say that you will do it tomorrow.

Always take joy in achieving your goals, you put in the time to celebrate! But once you made your goal, don’t go and slack off just because you can but try to continue with it. It may even become a lifestyle!

Achieve your goals and you will feel happier!


My dog did not actually get up and get his ball, I just gave it to him. 😉


So my New Year’s Resolution basically goes against everything I just said. Yeah, yeah, I know I am not putting into practice what I preach, but I make a lot of goals everyday that I do use the advice I just gave. My goal is more something to work at for a long period of time than the goals I normally make that have a fixed time amount. I want to have more courage. Not only courage but to be bold also. I want to act on the nice things I see I could do. Too many times I get all the materials and get all ready, but I never actually do the thing I think should be done. I see so many nice things that I could do, but I seem to always chicken out. So I want to have courage to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter and I want to be bold enough to let those acts change me.


Feel free to leave your New Year’s Resolutions in the comments below!