Daily Archives: January 25, 2016

Dancing in My Head

There is music dancing in my head

Jumping from ear to ear

just like my smile

Whole notes are doing tangos with quarter rests

and the treble clef is doing the jive with eighth notes

and the accents are doing the waltz with the time signature

There is music dancing in my head

My brain has been scooped out

like ice cream from the carton

except this time, something has been put in its place

Hans Zimmer, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Zack Hemsey, Pyotr Llyich Tchailkovsky

have been put in its place

There is music dancing in my head

Glorious highs and devious lows

unaffected brass and fragile wisps

soaring frequency and doom-fully slowness

There is music dancing in my head

Back and forth the music froths

like lapping, crashing ocean waves

the tide rolls in on the left ear and falls back on the right

my head begins to sway with the waves of music

and down the tune goes over the waterfall

crashing, spraying, falling, tumbling

to new heights by letting gravity take the lead

None of this makes sense

but then how can differing vibrations on our eardrums

turn into creativity, artistry of imagination – music?

It is humanity’s ability to connect

the back of the mind

to the edge of the soul

to the corner of the heart

There is music dancing in my head

Lines and dashes on paper

turn into sounds from brass and wind and drums and strings

turn into jovial and impending and innovation

turn into thoughts and actions and lives and worlds

turn into humanity

There is humanity dancing in my head