Daily Archives: November 12, 2015


I’ve become who I want to be

I am so happy with who I am

I look at who I am as a whole and I am perfectly ok with it

But where to go from here?

I haven’t even lived a score yet

I know that I am going to change

But into what is my question

and what is going to change me?

Just thinking about who I was it the beginning of the year and now is a huge change

But I did do a lot of soul searching throughout the year

How am I going to change for God?

I feel like I am a good Christian, but I can always be better

Who am I going to be for God in college?

Who am I going to be for God in my classroom?

Who am I going to be for God in personal relationships?

Who is God going to be for me?

Will he still always be my best friend?

Will he become sometime more?

Will he shine out from me even brighter?

I like to hope that I will like who I am going to be in the future

But if I can’t

I have a guide

and his name is the Almighty Lord and Savior