Daily Archives: October 26, 2015

To My Future Students

The career choice I want to be is a teacher

I want to get my degree in Social Studies and minor in Mathematics teaching at the secondary level

I’ve wanted to become a teacher since I knew what school was

A little four year old me proclaiming that I didn’t want to be a princess, but a teacher

Being a teacher is my absolute life calling

I just know it

Everyone I meet agrees also

I love learning and sharing my knowledge to understand it more myself

I write in the margins of my notes what teaching styles I like or don’t like

I am so happy to see the light bulb click on when I tutor students

I enjoy understanding perspectives and thoughts of students

It pains me so much to see someone struggling when I know that I could help them, but they refuse

But it seems so scary

What if I’m not good enough?

What if I am not taught everything I need to in college and mess up big time?

What if I put a student on the wrong path?

I will be effecting a whole generation

I will be teaching future



Business men and women





And as much as it pains me to think about it

Wife beaters





I will be effecting their lives when they are so vulnerable

I could never teach elementary

because they are so formable and know not what is right for them

I can remember learning to read and trying to teach five-year-olds to read is unimaginable

I remember that I was adamant that subtraction was not possible

Elementary students look up to their teacher so much

and put so much trust in them that they will be guided in the correct way

What if I can’t?

I’ve been the outcome of a incapable teacher

and been the outcome of the best teacher

who is now a very close friend

I see the major position and power a teacher has over students

Over people

I was born at the very end of the last century

My students will be living into the next

They will be having children in years that right now don’t even sound like a year

They will fight in the next world war and protect me

They will create new laws

They will take care of me in nursing homes

I want to have a positive influence on them

When my former students are in prisoner of war camps

I want them to hold onto hope that I helped instill in them

When my former students are faced with a huge choice

I want them to make the right decision with my help of former guidance

When my former students are tempted

I want them to turn away with my former acts of making the right choice

I will not just be teaching Global Studies,

but I will be teaching life

I will not just be teaching the quadratic equation,

but I will be teaching dedication and opportunity cost through their homework

Going through school is the main point of determining who you are going to become

I am lucky with already having found who I am suppose to be on the inside

Going through tough situations formed my coping and thought process

that will be ready when more troubles comes my way again

But most of my fellow classmates haven’t

They are who they are, but haven’t found who they are ultimately are going to be

When I am a teacher, students will come to me with problems

What if I don’t have the answers?

What if because I found who I am at a early age, I can’t connect with them as easily?

What if I am the teacher that students don’t want to have because I care too much?

What if?

What if?

What if?

To my future students,

I will try my absolute best

And most likely that won’t be good enough

And I’ll try harder

I’ve sat in the seats you are now sitting in

I understand you have lives

I understand you won’t want to do everything that you have to

I understand you may not like me at times

But this is the time in your life when you become who you are going to be

and I want to give you all the opportunities to achieve what is best for you

-Your future teacher