Daily Archives: October 16, 2015


When everything is falling apart

or even when life is bliss

You are always there to hold me

Your comforting arms envelop me

and take away the cold edge of the harshness

I melt in your presence

I breath deep and your love fills my lungs

It like nothing I have ever felt before

like soft pillows caressing me all over

You are my first and forever crush

I have an ache in my heart when I’ve been away from you too long

When running from place to place instead of worrying,

I talk with you about each person I pass

When I am alone I silently whisper secrets of my heart

When I feel exhilarated I yell thank you

When I don’t feel like doing absolutely anything I lay still

and let my heart flutter about how wonderful you are

When tears wet my face, you tell me to continue because you wept too

When I feel like I don’t belong, you tell me that I belong to you

When I feel like I am not understood I remember that you always do

You are my best friend


Oh my dear God, you are my best friend

I pray for each person I pass

I sing along to your songs when it feels like forever since I was with you

You made my sister glow after preaching her first sermon at 13

Your words from so long ago amazing me

I remember dancing

in my paper plate cross crown after becoming a Christian at 6 years old

To my tears over my journal rededicating myself to Christ at 15

My relationship is beyond salvation you give

but a friendship I cannot live without

Oh my dear God,

Thank you.