My Cracked Bubble


The glass of my bubble cracks

A single impact that I can trace everything back to

I believe the lie that everything is logical

and I can trace events back to a single reason

I run my finger along the edges of the




Of my

Shattered bubble.

The glass in now stained

It makes pretty colors when the sunlight comes in

I just want to crawl up inside myself and be safe

Hug myself tight and not let go

Bring all that I am inward

I want to feel small and

believe that life is simple

I just my world to be safe

I want to glue the pieces of cracked glass

back into my bubble and make sure they never fall on me

I want to take every precaution

So that I have no reason to worry

Now the glass is tinted

Darked from the outside

Hard to see in

No one can see inside my soul

It churns slowly

Almost in a calming way


I can see everything

I can see everyone on the outside

But I am just rolling around in my bubble

Sometimes upside down

Sometimes right side up

I am comfortable here

This is my space

This is where I am

This is home

It is not my safe place

It is not where I am suppose to always be

It is not my prison

It is where I can freak out

It is where I bang on the glass

But not hard enough to break it

But just hard enough to crack a little more

Glass allows us to see out the window

But when the glass breaks don’t think of it

as the world falling down

But instead the window becomes a door.




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  1. We all live in our own glass bubbles, the thing about a bubble is that very little of life can live in our bubbles, to live life we need to pop them! But you are right, it is very comfortable! Nice post.


  2. our “bubbles” make us feel safe… predictable circumstances.. a sense of control. some times leaving our bubble is so hard and often not our choice– but it does open our eyes to possibilities out there we may not have encountered otherwise. Beautifully written as always 🙂


  3. I believe that everyone can relate to this! Everyone has some safe place in their mind where they can simply be what they want, not having to worry about judgement or obligations. I love the way that you explained that it’s not always a bad thing to shatter your ‘bubble.’ Amazing post!

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