Daily Archives: September 9, 2015

My Candles

Grab the candles from the cabinet

Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green

Lift the tab

Shake the box

Grab it by the wicks

Place them in piles of three

Count them to match my age

Stove them into the cake

Light a match

Light the candles

The fire getting close to my hand

All the candles are lite

Blow out the match

Set it on a napkin

Smile at all the faces

Young, Old, all happy

And they begin to sing

First a slow ‘Happy’

and soon the others join in

The rough voices

but soft with care

Wax drips

And the song ends

and they stare

Waiting to see the fire flicker out

Wishes flunder through my head

I choose

I inhale

I blow

From an aerial attack I wipe out all the lights

even the ones on the sides of the cake

No boyfriends for me!

Pull out the candles

and let’s eat cake!

 Foter / CC BY

Foter / CC BY

Today is my birthday!