Daily Archives: August 25, 2015

My Dearest Love – An Exaggeration

I have a confession to make

I am in love

I am in love with my blanket

It is one of the first things I reach for in the morning

and one of the last things I put away at night

Yes, in the summer I do wear my love

Not because of a need for warmth, but a need for comfort

It’s soft, yet crunchy from use, arms reach around me

I look over it’s somewhat still fuzziness and find dog slobber, chocolate, and syrup

I walk through the blanket aisle at stores and feel the new perspective friends and how soft they feel

but, Alas, they do not have the memories and loving care that the one has over my shoulders now.

This light green blanket is around me when I write most my pieces and helps me through the tough times of word choices

It is the thing I miss most when leaving for a vacation and what I run to when I return

Oh, the heartbreak, when I must go out in public and leave my special friend behind!

Did Juliet know sorrow when Romeo left?

No, no sorrow compared to my blanket’s love

It’s flowered print is so luscious to me

I could never imagine life without my dearest love

My blanket

I had so much fun writing this poem! 🙂