The Magic of Dog-hair

Why is it when someone talks about their pet

their voice changes

and their face softens

and they morph into a more comfortable person


My dog is five and a half years old

and I know that he won’t be around forever

Hear his nails click-clacking around

Constantly and chronically does dog-hair make its presence known

Laying on him while watching TV

In battle for his toy

The cute, but nagging, looks

How he snores

How excited he is when he gets to go on a ‘truck ride’ (shhhhh! Don’t say it aloud he’ll hear you!)

His concern for me

How itchy he is, it’s never enough!

The slobber

All his nicknames

My Hero


But what if then

when our pets pass away

do we lose that morphed softer person?

My Dog Hero!

My Dog Hero!

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  1. Dogs don’t care what you are dressed like, smell like (actually the worse the better!), or look like, all they care is that their pack mate is back and you are together again – no wonder we are more relaxed around them. Nice post!


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