Daily Archives: May 23, 2015

Writing anonymously

Writings of the Black Rose

That frankness is rare,
It goes away with the name.
I wish to write as a soul,
And not a body with the worldly load.

The energy inside me must shine out,
Unaffected by the crowds.
Presentation of myself as I am,
Without the influence of anyone.

Strange are the ways
Strange are the reasons
For which the society moulds us.
Actions are expected without reason.

I am a heart
I am a soul
I am not a body
I am not a name.

Anonymous is what I wish to be.
Just a cool breeze.
Influencing the lives I touch.
Spreading the message of love.

For my trustworthiness,
Look into my eyes.
For a positive thought,
Just see me smile.

I’ll be a feeling.
I’ll be an emotion.
For all I know.
For all I care.

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