Daily Archives: May 21, 2015

A Breath is Just a Breath

A breath is just a breath

Yet it is what sustains life

Giving oxygen to cells

and clarity to the brain

Gasping for breath going in and out of this world

but in reality

A breath is just a breath

Sighing out of stress

Sighing out of love

Sighing out of heartache

Sighing out of grief

as if all the pain will be pushed

from the mind through the body

and out through the lips

but breathing does not have that luxurious capability

Pain cannot be breathed away

counting to ten gives a step back

but not a way out

A breath is just a breath

Yet by sighs a person can be recognized

a soothing inhale to a crushing sigh

a breath before bad news

followed by a breath after


to oxygen forced through tubes

the breath of life

yet a breath is just a breath