Her – Writing in Different Forms


Free Style:

Her whole essence was color. Radiant beautiful color. Her hair was the cosmoses. She could control everything with a blink of an eye. Move universes. End universes. Begin universes. Her whole essence was color.


The Cosmoses

Cut to

An eye, lined with Blue eyeliner.

Zoom out to see whole face

The neck fades into cosmoses.

Cut to

Her hair. You realize her hair is part of the cosmoses.

Cut to

Her eye again. She blinks.

Cut to

Full face. Suddenly, a black hole forms and all color is sucked away.

Cut to

Her eye. She blinks again.

Cut to

Full face color flows through the hole and is more beautiful than ever.

Short Story:

The whole universe collapsed. Swallowed itself into nothingness. ‘Well I guess it has been coming to that point for a long time now. Then again we are born to die. But more accurately, they are meant to die for the others to be born,’ she thought. She thought . . .

Because if she spoke everything would end . . . just like it had done before.

She lost everything. She lost . . . everyone.


She had never heard sound before

never her voice

She whispered

A galaxy ended

She didn’t notice

She laughed

A universe ended

She didn’t notice

She screamed

Everything ended

but she didn’t

She was alone

After hearing sound for the first time

everything was silent

She missed the silent sound

Of when everyone was alive

She started to build

But she built incorrectly

She built imperfect, immoral beings

And had to end them

To begin a new universe

and to try to build something better.


Her (in thoughts):

But what if I never can? What if I can never be a good creator  . . . and destroyer as before I heard sound? I look up, new are born. I look down . . . they are  . . . ended.

HER pauses. HER sighs as much as a thought as sigh.

Her (in thoughts):

My whole essence is color  . . . maybe?

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