I Thought it was Coming Down


I thought the water was coming down, when it was really coming up. I carried my umbrella with me, but had a few drops to trick me that the water was coming from above.

I now look back and remember I couldn’t feel the water surrounding me at that time. It just felt like it had always been there. Hard to walk through. The more I walked the deeper it went. But that’s the way the ocean works, I guess.

I was protecting against the wrong thing, and never realized how much damage was being done to me. You’re always told to keep watch of the unknown – the above – never what is below you. What you wade through your whole life, and never know the difference of what air feels like. I walk farther and farther, deeper and deeper.

The water, the ocean, the sea is now at nose level and I still never notice, just holding my umbrella. I live life against the few raindrops, not the ocean over whelming me. Protecting against the wrong things, and never noticing.

I drown. I drown because I thought the water was coming down, when it was really coming up.

Idea and image found atΒ https://keskescreativewriting.wordpress.com/

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  1. very interesting and insightful. look to a lifeguard for help before you drown, there is always someone willing to help but we may not see what’s going on too.


  2. Hey! I’m sorry I have to contact you through this but it’s the only way I have.Your sister did a very kind favor for me just to be nice and I wanted to do something for her to say thank you. Does she have a favorite candy or something I could buy for her? Once again sorry for using wordpress to talk but it’s all I have XD Thank you in advance!


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