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Avengers: Age of Ultron – SPOILER FREE

I’m still in shock. It’s that awesome.

All of the characters – except one – grow so much deeper. They have this new and more vulnerable Β and yet stronger side to them. They build intricate relationships with different members of the team.

The trailers are deceiving. By the trailers you’d think you’ve seen all the good parts. You haven’t; not even the surface. Ohhh, it’s so amazing!

Some themes running through the whole movie is ‘together’ and ‘The darker side is sometimes the better one.’

Character Breakdown:

Iron Man/Tony Stark: He gets darker.

Captain America: There is more tension, but no dramatic change.

Thor: We see what is to become of him

Hulk: Total change. I don’t know if I like it or not, but I love it! Totally changes.

Black Widow: You go deeper into her past, and oh she changes a ton also.

Hawkeye: THE MOST WELL KEPT SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He brings the whole team together. This is his movie to shine.

Scarlet Witch: Awesome!!! Her character growth and powers!

Quicksilver: It happens. Just that fast.

Vision: THE BEST PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Love him!

Ultron: His voice overs and philosophy almost make you want to go with him. No one but Marvel could craft a villain this beautiful and perfect.

Klaw: I wanted more of him, but a good start.

War Machine: Funny and wanted more. More than just a cameo, but not a good main role.

Falcon: I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More than just a cameo, but not as big as even War Machine.

Erik Selvig: Bigger than a cameo, but not by much.

Nick Fury: Not a big part. Almost as much as War Machine.

Marie Hill: As big as Nick Fury, but more funnier than normal.

and the person you’ve all been waiting for. . .

Stan Lee: Just as Stan Lee-ish as you can get. I had a better idea for him in mind, but Vision took it’s place.

The Second Ending: Just as I thought, but there is only one, not two like Avengers.

Funny Factor: if Avengers was 8, this was 9 with long running jokes.

I’m still in shock. I need to see it again.

See! Spoiler free! πŸ™‚