We Are Like the Raindrops

The little bubbles of not air

Floating, yet clinging to air

Still able to be seen through

Every time it cries, they are seen

They blur and reflect

They’re essence is that of us, reflecting

Our lives are so much alike

Holding on to hope, all of us humans alike

Sometimes we wonder if our transparence

is as seen through as their transparence

The bubbles are so little and fragile

Our emotions are so fragile

Then comes the wind

Then comes the wind

They fly away

as we do too, go away

Become like star flying pass

We think we are in the present, but really we’re in the pass

Just clinging

Just clinging

Just cling to hope

Isn’t that all we have, hope?

Hope, faith, and love

Hope and faith in making the right decision, and if wrong – love

They make fractals

We see through fractals

Watching the raindrops

from my window and out into the air, they drop

We are like the raindrops

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