Marvel is Better than DC Comics: A Limerick

A truth I must tell, Marvel is better than DC comics

What DC has that Marvel doesn’t need to set up the perfect punchline – sidekicks

In DC, too powerful heroes

Although, DC has awesome TV shows

Don’t just take my word for it, go check out the graphics!

Go check out this amazing website I found about Marvel verses DC comicbooks!

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  1. Marvel is better because they don’t have sidekicks? Um, Bucky Barns anyone? And DC’s heroes are to powerful? No, not really. Especially when they’re stronger heroes also comes with stronger villains. And how are Marvel characters not really that powerful? Hulk, Thor, Scarlet Witch, heck Doctor Strange anyone?

    If you like Marvel better than that’s fine, you have the right to your opinion and Marvel is really awesome. But I don’t really understand your arguments here.


  2. I’m sorry that my wording wasn’t the best, but in a 5 line poem I can’t really explain my opinion. You can check out the website for a more lengthy explanation. I can see your point though, but as a whole there aren’t as many sidekicks (because Stan Lee didn’t like the idea of them) in reference to Bucky Barnes. Also as a whole DC is more powerful, whereas Marvel characters have to rely on family and on teams. But even though there are some powerful characters as a whole the general universe is not as power pumped. I am arguing for a whole universe not certain characters. I haven’t thought about the more powerful villains aspect before though. But please for a more in depth look into my opinion go to the above website.


  3. Ah, yeah I guess a full on explanation for a debate is hard to do in a 5 line poem. I’ll check the website out. Personally I kinda prefer DC but I still really love Marvel. Both companies have their pros and cons I guess.


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