Robin: A Villanelle Poem

Batman and Robin

Yet Robin never gets to save the day

He is never the star


He is the one in the trap

Played to be unskilled, eager, inexperienced

Skill, strategy, planning is what we want from Robin


Used for silly pranks, jokes, and set up lines

Reach to your full potential Boy Wonder

Batman! Holy, let me be the star!


Everyone thinks of the Boy Blunder of Holy this and Holy that

But where were they with Nightwing

Or ‘Death in the Family’ leading to ‘Under the Red Hood’ Robin


Whether trapped in a bell

in the original Batman in ‘The Bookworm Turns’

Robin is never the star


Or tied to a plank balance out by sand

In the ‘Purr-fect Crime’ where he seemingly can do nothing without the Dark Knight

Believe in yourself, Robin!


I’m a fan of the 1960’s Batman

But fed up with the cheesiness of my Boy Wonder

I believe in you Robin

Be a star!

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