Dying in Dust

Continual dying


but never dead


This part is no more, but all is whole.

To lose parts of yourself, for others to grow.


Dying of old ideas to grow new ones

As the carcase is fertilizer for the new flower

Which at birth is a doorstep for death, but never dead.


We all can be infinity

As we all are dying

But we allow parts of ourselves, not to be lost, not to be dying wombs

But to die, without giving new life


To be alive in the face of death

To build in the face of ruin

To create in the face of destruction

To give in the face of nothing


In making stronger muscles the old must be torn down

But not forgotten


Remember death because it gives life


An infinite is the Creator

For His namesake is His infinity mark


Out of nothing He brought everything

In the face of chaos He created order

In the face of order He created man

In the face of man He created His image

In the face of His image He created hope

In the face of hope He created the cross

In the face of the cross He created grace

In the face of grace He created.


In the dust of the old is the modeling clay of the new


Made from dust, love dust, dying in dust, die in dust, give dust

Continual dying

but never dead


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