Re-blogging of Yellow Brick Road

This is original post on I found it awesome! Please check out this blog, she writes about topics of God with a unique perceptive.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had a vision of what she was looking for at the end of her yellow brick road. Dorothy was in a movie and what was at the end of her road was scripted. We don’t always know what’s at the end of ours. Life isn’t always a fantasy.

Every brick is a step along the road. When the road is being built you start with one brick, and add more to make it grow. These bricks are like the events in our lives. Every event contributes to the completion of our road.

If you aren’t looking and step into a ditch, you could trip and fall. But you get yourself off the ground and keep walking.

If something in our own life is missing, we fall, which is an opportunity to learn and create a step so we can get up and learn how to not fall again.

Life always comes with distractions that may knock us off the path. The witch placed the poppy field on the path. It appeared beautiful, but was actually poison. What looked like beautiful flowers was actually poison.

Along this path we meet friends. A friend is someone God gives us on our yellow brick road to encourage and lift us up when the whole world seems to have disappeared. Dorothy met the scarecrow, tin man, and lion. We need to recognize our real friends.

At the end of the road is our vision, our Oz- our Verse…our Purpose, our Passion, our Path, our absolute fulfiller of life… is the path – along our yellow brick road.

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