Time Piece

What will happen to all of us? What will happen when time is no more? What will happen when time ceases to exist?


When does time end?


A clock is a circle, but is time? No hour is the same, but it is painted the same on the clock. Time never stops, but clocks do. Clocks run out of batteries, when will time’s? Or is time like a pendulum clock moved by gravity? But when time exists no more, will gravity?


What keeps us grounded yet afloat? Time and Gravity.


If time ends, will it end all at the same moment, or will it happen differently like when the shadow passes the earth?


If time ends, will we still be alive or departed – in any sense of the word?


If time ends, will time remember us?


If time ends, will we still remember time?


Will we feel infinite?


Or will we feel crushed because all of time is giving it’s blessings and curses upon the earth?


What is it like to feel TIME?


Is time TRULY indefinite?


If time ends, it will be a different kind of murder.


Frozen in time? Stopped time? Kill time?


Questions, questions, questions. Only in time will they be answered.


We’re not counting numbers. No, we’re contemplating infinites upon infinites.


We die and time lives on, but what if it wasn’t the case? What if we live, but time does not?


We will meet our maker, and we will conclude:


Whatever was, is.

Whatever will be, is.


When time ends, I will still have a soul.

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