Part 5 of 5 Therefore Do Not Lose Heart

Why should I even wait? It’s worthless, it’s inevitable. I’m just waiting to die, why should I wait to have it be by his hand? I’ll give it a day, then I’ll decide. I try to get some sleep, but it evades me.

 I feel so alone. So helpless. If I die, I’ll be with Peter. And then we’ll be together. I’ll be not alone. 

“Does bad deeds include killing sheep?” Asks Liz, “‘cause I don’t really want to kill anyone, but I know I need ta do something. I want ta survive.”


“Liz, you’ll survive, but not live. There’s a difference ye know. Ye will survive for a little while, but what ye do will be nothing ta what those boys have done or will do. Liz, just give up and come over here. Please Liz.” I don’t know if I’m pleading for her sake or mine, but either way she needs to come.


“Ye were always a softy and quitter, Gwen.”


She slaughters 3 sheep.


She cooks the sheep.


She eats the sheep.


She doesn’t offer any to anyone.


She is not scared to be out in the open.


A day passes.


I know I’ll be next, if not Felicia. I need a plan.


6 hours pass.


I have a plan. But I need help.


“I have a plan ta escape, but I need all yer help. Will ye help me? I won’t tell ye the details because he might be listenin’ but I’ll tell ye all ye need ta know. Will ye help me?” I hope they don’t hear the waver in my voice.


1 minute


2 minutes


“Yes,” says Norman.


“I’m up,” Mary Jane says more hopeful.


“I’m with ye, Gwen,” Liz says weakly.


“Sure baby girl.” Jeb can still be annoying at a time like this?


1 minute


2 minutes


5 minutes


“All right, when Xing comes again we all need ta be close ta the entrance. And when you think ye’re ready, and ye will know when ye are ready, just run and don’t look back. Got that? I will be movin’ over there in 2 minutes if ye would like ta join me, but not hurt me.”


2 minutes


Everyone in the cave moves to the entrance.


An hour passes.


“I believe everyone knows who is next. Step forward foolish child, no need for a chase.”


“All I ask is ta see the sun one last time, Xing. Then ye may do what ye will with me.” Please work, please work.


“So you want me to open up the doors, so that the others might escape? Ha! Silly child, don’t you understand? I have no control over any of this. I’m locked in here, too. You remember my paw, do you not? I took the energy, for there was no one to take from. I go out to feast before the doors close on me, too. I stay if there is a bountiful feast to be had. But one day, I woke late and the doors were already closed. And that is how my paw is this way. I’m trapped, too. You’re trapped by your master, and I mine. But my master is no physical person, but my rightful fate. I’m the cruel joke of life.  So I say unto thee, my creator, ‘Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay To mould me Man, did I solicit thee From darkness to promote me?’”


“Paradise Lost,” said Calvin.


“Ah, you are schooled barbarians, are you not? Either way I must feast.”


He lunges at me and I let him come, for there is nothing I can do.


I’m ready for death. Death is ready for me.


I don’t even feel him as he pushes me out of the way.


Norman saves me, only for his death to come sooner.


“Norman? Ha! I was already for the girl. I’m not use to eating out of order, but two meals at once will delight me still!”


Xing glows, his light means my death. They always say, ‘you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.’ But my tunnel is the cave – closed off.


Norman dies.


I die.




“Four days.”


Mary Jane dies. But not by the tail of Xing.




Felicia dies.




“Two days.”


Horrible acts are partaken. Liz is the last girl left and she pays for it.


Liz dies.




“Two days.”


Fang kills Fing. Brother kills Brother. Evil kills Evil. Terror kills Terror. Survival kills Survival.




Calvin dies.




“Two days.”


Foom kills Job.




Fang dies.




“Two days.”


“Let us have one of our last feasts. If I can kill half o’ the lambs, ye can the other half,” Jeb says.




Foom kills Jeb.




When the worst become the best.


“Can one still sin, if there is no one ta sin against? Am I able ta sin anymore? But there is no reason ta, I can’t beat anyone anymore. But I need ta – ta save the future generations from this beast. But can I sin anymore, if there is no one ta sin against?”


Foom is dead.


Xing sleeps.


The doors open.

“Gwen . . . Gwen . . . Gwen, it’s Peter. Gwen? Gwen! Gwen, what happened in here? Gwen!”


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