Truthfully, I lie

  • Truly, I tell you.
  • Believe me when I say this.
  • It’s True
  • Don’t you understand?!
  • I’m not lying
  • I will not lie to you.
  • My big bad black lie, is the truth.
  • Why should I tell the truth.
  • Have I ever spoken anything but the truth?
  • The words that leave my mouth are not false.
  • I will not ever cross you.
  • It’s . . . it’s all true . . .
  • Trust me!
  • You don’t deserve the truth!
  • I will not lie to you, again.
  • Please . . . I’m begging you . . . trust me, trust in me.
  • Trust, that’s all I need you to do.
  • “Truth,” HIT ” IS,” PUNCHNOT,” KICKIN” STABMY” shots firedNATUre . . .”
  • Believe in me, please, trust in me.
  • All I ask is trust.
  • It’s true, if not . . . death will claim us her treasure.
  • Trust, that is all I NEED you to do.
  • Trust not in me, but of the one who spoke them to me; he died to tell.
  • It’s the complete . . . the complete truth.
  • Belief is not trust, but what you speak of is true.
  • Is it true?
  • Do I believe in the prophecy of what you speak?
  • Truth . . .
  • Life is full of lies, but this is not one.
  • Never again, will I lie to you.
  • I don’t trust him, but truly I tell you, it’s the truth.
  • I do not preach false teachings.
  • This is the only time I will tell the truth to the likes of you, scum!
  • My word is truth.
  • “All that,” he waves his hands signifying what he just told, “was a lie; this is the truth, but it can never be told.”
  • This is true as it is true that I love you.
  • Truth is what I am speaking of.
  • Verily, I say unto ye.
  • “The truth, will be told in time,” he says jumping over the ledge, “but today is not that day!”
  • Why do you think what I say is the truth?
  • All that I am . . . all that I am meant to be . . . comes together at this point in time; it’s the truth, and I accept it.
  • I will die for the truth.
  • The trust is the saddest thing in the world, truly I tell you.
  • Not a lie.
  • I will not lie to you anymore.
  • What is the truth anymore?
  • Lies ARE the truth, but in disguises; truly I tell you.
  • The opposite of truth . . . is what my life consists of life.
  • Why tell the truth?
  • Truth, did I not tell you already?!
  • Lying is so much more imaginative, why ever tell the truth . . .
  • Whole truth?
  • Truth is . . . I lie.
  • I tried to tell the truth once, it almost got me killed.
  • Are you lying?
  • If you read between my lines of lies, you will find my truth.
  • Where does one even begin to tell the truth, when all they’ve done is lie?
  • We all lie . . . our perceptive is a lie to someone else’s truth.
  • Once upon a time, I use to tell the truth, and then came happily ever after of me lying.
  • Lying is just a better version of the truth.
  •  I’m dying, truly I tell you.
  • Why do you lie?
  • I’m not lying anymore!
  • Am I lying?
  • What good has the truth ever gotten you?
  • Truly I tell you, it’s HOT in the desert.
  • Why tell ME the truth?
  • I’m living . . . that’s a lie.
  • What is truth?
  • I don’t know how to tell the truth.
  • Do I deserve the truth?
  • Why do you lie to me?
  • Truth is not an option.
  • When do I have to tell the truth?
  • The truth is . . . no, the lie is –
  • Life’s great lie is believing in the truth.

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